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Bedding Inspirations for Spring 2018
This Year's Bedding Designs

The earth is beginning to wake from its winter hibernation, bursting into bloom with longer days and warmer temperatures. If we take a morning walk, we’re greeted all around with the sights of new life and new growth. For many of us, the Spring is an inspiration to breathe new life into our own old habits and routines.

Maybe it’s putting away our heavy winter clothing and indulging in a new Spring wardrobe. Maybe it’s re-organizing and re-imagining our home décor as we perform our Spring cleanings.

Maybe it’s time for a fresh look and feel for our most personal of sanctuaries – the bedroom.

New trends in color design and lighter fabrics and textures can bring that Spring feeling of renewal into our own daily life cycles, calming us as we fall asleep and re-invigorating us as we wake again with the morning light. If you’re seeking some inspiration to re-design your own bedding this season, here are some style ideas popping up for 2018:

Ultra Violet 

Every year, the color experts at Pantone choose a trending color to be the Color of the Year, and for 2018 that color is: UltraViolet.

‘We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s Executive Director. “It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone 18-3838 UltraViolet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.”

Often associated with a mystic quality and a sense of elusiveness and profound insight, Ultra Violet may bring you in touch with a higher perspective on the universe. Can you see it in your future?

Maybe you’ll discover your UltraViolet bliss in the Neveah Hyacinth quilt from Nostalgia Home.

Earthy Beiges & Yellows

Traditional Feng Shui experts in China say that in this Year of the Dog, the luckiest colors will be earthy tones in sandy beige and light yellow. These shades certainly evoke a sense of warmth and grounding into the earth, the requirements of sunshine and soil that all our new Spring plants need to grow.

You can incorporate this feeling into your bedroom design with the bright and bold Dena Home Payton Reversible Comforter set in a whimsical light-yellow pattern:

Or, consider the serene and modern design of floral branches painted against a beige background in the Dolce Mela Rodos collection:


Perhaps one of the best ways to embrace the warm feelings of Spring is to surround yourself with lighter fabrics. And the perennial choice for warmer temperatures in 100% linen. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is both stronger and more breathable than cotton.  It is not only smooth and cool to the touch, it adds a touch of sophistication and relaxing luxury to any bedroom.

For a glimpse of linen luxury at its finest, check out the Covington Linen Duvet with a 25 Li thread count:

Are you ready to bring the look and feel of Spring into your home?  What are other ways you like to change over to this new season in your bedroom décor