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Awesome Ideas for Awesome Kids
Spruce Up Your Child's Homework & Craft Area With These Ideas

It’s halfway through the school year and the kids need something fun to motivate them in between homework and after school, soccer practice or dance practice. It’s a great time of year to spruce up that homework area or craft corner to get them inspired to keep being awesome!

Organization is the Key!

When organizing all the loose leaf papers and projects kids start to pile on this time in the school year, try using something like these black leather magazine baskets in a new a creative way to help organize. Get a few of these baskets to help separate homework, completed and incomplete projects.

There is also this helpful set of small stacking baskets. Having a couple of these will make finding completed homework easier to find among the works in progress by separating them from ongoing art, craft, and school projects.

Flair is Fun!

Setting the space with some flair will encourage a fun, creative and productive space. You can also utilize these wall coverings such as this pop-colored fantasy nature scene or this transportation-inspired scene.  For the older kids, this is a fun and easy-to-remove option.

Something for Storage

Need a place to house all the fun toys or supplies for that next project? We think adding a chest like this one is perfect for allowing ample use of storage and giving the space a pop of color without overpowering other design elements in the room. Choosing a bright color and furniture made with little accenting details is the way we to bring enough attention to space while keeping organized.

Keep it Simple

When it is time to start working on that next project or finishing up some homework after basketball practice, kids need a lot of room to unpack their work and lay out their supplies. Encouraging a clean, minimal table for their workspace is essential. We love this coffee table as a work table for the kids.

Go Visual!

Having a few visual elements to encourage positive thinking and happiness will ensure the best performance whether working on that next math problem or figuring out their next portrait drawing.  Having some great photographs from all those iPhone photos of the family trip or of something meaningful to your child is a great way to encourage productivity. You can frame your photo of choice with this funky and colorful frame that is sure to bring tons of joy while they get through the afternoon activities.

Lastly, if you’re looking for creative ways for our kids to engage with clean up and learn their own organizational skills designating spaces for storage is important. With the after-school activities, sports, art, and the awesome things kids do, they need a place to store their belongings. Having something like these storage cubes is a great way to place their sports balls, painting supplies, running shoes and stuffed toys all in one place while keeping them separated for easy storage and organizing. Labeling each cube will be helpful for the little ones to remember where to place their items when they’re ready to be put away.