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Living Room Styles For The Ages
Find a Style That Fits You!

Are you looking for a timeless living room design? How about décor that has stood the test of time? These living room styles for the ages might as well be time machines, allowing you to travel throughout the decades as simply as you would walk through your front door.

Here are some of our favorite living room styles, from the rustic to the modern.

The Cozy Cabin

Sometimes it's nice to just get back to your roots, and this living room style does exactly that. With a heavy emphasis on natural colors and earthy tones, a cabin style living room embraces a cozy, rustic memory of simpler times gone by.

To achieve that "cabin in the woods" feel, consider a lot of wood-finish furniture, perhaps even those that appear rough around the edges. For example, this Steinworld hand-painted cocktail table hearkens back to a time when things were just a little less refined, but a lot more soulful.

A natural vibe also allows you to get creative and add personal touches, like this Gray Birch wallpaper from Brewster, which can add an even more outdoorsy feeling to your warm little refuge from Mother Nature.

The Sleek And Modern Minimalist

Perhaps the polar opposite of the rugged and unrefined cabin, this modern design focuses on maximizing space and minimizing clutter. This living room is seemingly immaculate, achieving a simple, streamlined beauty.

Sleek, monochrome pieces of furniture and a lot of whites, silvers, and blacks characterize these kinds of designs. The Safavieh Willow Coffee Table is a prime example of this sleek simplicity, as is the Dimond Home by Elk Wright Side Table.

Or you could also go in a more geometric direction while achieving the same modernity. Pieces like this Elegant Lighting Modern Table employ a geometric pattern reminiscent of pixilation, announcing that "the future is now."

Fun And Bubbly

Maybe you want your living room to welcome you home with some vibrant energy, ready to give you a much-needed boost after a long day out and about. A fun and bubbly style employs a lot of bright colors and dynamic patterns to lift the mood.

Pieces like this Safavieh Christine Chair embody both the design and pattern of a fun and bubbly living room. Or another direction you could go to achieve the same feeling is represented nicely in this multi-colored Surya Furniture chair.

Consider employing furniture with a unique design as well. Fun and bubbly means creative, so let your imagination guide you! This Steinworld Nassau Shaped Coffee Table, for instance, plays with shapes in a way that's fun and unique.

The Lap Of Luxury

Finally, a luxurious, cozy-yet-serious living room gives off the air of professionalism and success. Picture wood-paneling, dark colors, and sophisticated furniture welcoming you through the threshold and reminding you that your goals are within reach.

Leather couches and chairs, like the Sterling Industries Pullman Chair or the Safavieh Nicolas Club Chair, help create a comfortable-yet-unyielding environment.

Also consider employing furniture like the Steinworld Stromberg Cabinet, a mature and elegant piece that reinforces the notion that this isn't just a living room, but it is a study for reflection, contemplation, and planning.

A Style For Everyone

Regardless of which style tickles your fancy, Going Décor has something for everyone. Browse our vast selection to find whatever it is that suits your design needs. From the fun and lighthearted to the elegant and mature, we've got décor to bring any design to life.

And remember, your home is a reflection of you, so find the décor that makes the statement you desire!