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Forget Spring Cleaning - Let's Design Instead
Prepare Your Home For Spring Decor

Yes, yes the long winter nights have caused way too many Netflix and chill evenings and coming home means stuffing things into the closet or starting piles and piles of stuff in almost every room. Or perhaps you’ve kept the space pretty kept, but are long overdue in changing up the space. There are other ways to welcome your space for spring besides cleaning out those closets and sorting out piles of stuff around the house. Adding some of these design elements will ensure that you are ready to welcome spring with open arms and new design flair.

Say so long to your Netflix account because backyard entertainment is going to be your next thing when you finally introduce this Bonaire fire pit onto the scene. No need for any of that fancy contracting work, when you can have this beautifully crafted, curved copper piece that sits on a black metal frame instead. Having this piece around will have guests lingering on the patio and having conversations flowing for longer into the night.

Want to be the entertainer of the town while still being hip and eco-conscious? If you’re looking to upgrade your current beverage bar or have been adamant about adding a bar to your entertainment space, this Safavieh Monterey bar table is one of the best ways to ensure that your beverages are well in stock. Made with eco-friendly Acacia wood yet designed for a stylish host, your guests will want to get another round of your new cocktail recipe before they're finished with the first glass.

If you’re running out of space or crammed up in one of those New York apartments, bringing plants into the tiny spaces can be tough. With spring approaching, many people start incorporating more greenery. By hanging your plants, you utilize unused space above you without compromising the space you already use. We love these hanging planters by VIP International. It comes in a set of two so you’ll have plenty of room in the planters for a variety of plants and can easily hang them from any part of the house. If you’re looking to bring more flair to the space with your plants this geometric-shaped copper planter is perfect to set for the dining table or keep at the home office space.

Bringing more light into your spaces will help liven the mood as the temperature warms up. If you’re looking to add some lighting design indoors you can check out this modern, sleek design by Sonneman that comes in a group of three or Sonneman’s bubble lights that come in a group of five or eight. If you need extra lighting in the space, try adding a floor lamp such as this simple yet modern satin nickel design by Vaxcel, which easily fits most spaces or Dale Tiffany’s more elegant and modern floor lamp with crystal knob detail.

Once you’re done springing new life and light into your space, maybe then you can finally deal with the actual spring cleaning, am I right?