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Set the Table - 6 Ideas to Dine For
Try These Table Settings Next Time You Have Everyone Over!

The best way to get together with the ones you love always revolves around a good meal. With the holiday season passed us, there are several reasons to ensure you keep in touch with the ones you love. Here are some helpful and creative ways to accent the dinner table at your next gathering:

Happy Appetizers

Presenting some appetizers at your next get together is crucial in ensuring your guests leave your house feeling satisfied. It’s a great way to still make something delicious without breaking the bank. Whether it’s simply to catch up from all our hectic schedules, or to share stories with each other, having a nice fruit and cheese plate is an elegant and classic hit and this St. Croix marble cheese tray is the perfect stage. If you’re hosting a game night putting your starter snacks in these aluminum dish by St. Croix designed as playing card suits is a perfect way to satiate those snack vibes.

Potluck Dinner

Setting a specific theme helps you focus on your styling accent decisions in choosing how you will set the table for your next potluck dinner. Potluck dinners are a great way to save time from cooking all your meals since you minimize efforts in the kitchen while maximizing efforts in styling the table. Having a table topper is a great way to highlight your chosen theme. We love this Heritage Lace Sugar Skull table topper or for a timeless and elegant look try setting the table with this copper Heritage Lace medallion round topper.

Chilling Beverages 

An important part of dining is enjoying the meal while imbibing guests with the perfect drink.  With any gathering, you’ll make sure to have all your beverages easily accessible as they chill nicely on a bed of rocks inside this St. Croix aluminum silver punch bowl. You can also use this to classically brew up your favorite mixed drink and have it chill.

Dessert Spread

If you are a homebaker and want an exciting new way to present your baked treats for your family and friends, getting creative with the traditional fruit holder can be proven to be a new way to get some extra use for indulging in some sweets! We love the idea of presenting desserts with fruit holders that use materials such as St. Croix’s three-tier decorative wire fruit basket. During the week it may be used for those tasty apples and bananas, but for that special evening, it is perfect for hosting your home baked treats like cupcakes, cookies or fruit tarts.

Spring Soiree 

When it’s finally time to get together for spring, you’ll want to make sure the table is set perfectly for your guests.  There are essentials when inviting the spring season that’s great for your next dining experience. Having the right serving utensils like this Kindwer polished silver serving set will highlight the recent pick from the garden or local farmers market. When transporting ready-made dishes from the kitchen to the dining area this Dimond Home square tray will ensure you get food and beverages to your guests with style and ease. 

Children’s Party 

Getting together isn’t just for the grownups! Making sure the kids are also socializing with each other is key to a happy childhood. Whether it’s to welcome the new season, baby shower, or a party these styling elements will ensure the children are having fun. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince the young ones to eat their fruits and vegetables, but when they are displayed on a serving tray like this Kindwer pineapple-shaped silver tray they’ll be filling their plates up with those nutrients in no time. To match this tropical theme for the kids, you can serve their main dish using this St. Croix palm tree-inspired silver serving set. Lastly, don’t forget the cake! Every child can indulge at the party when they get a slice from your home-baked sweets that are elegantly served from this Pomeroy cake stand.