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5 Curtain Styles That Inspire
Styles Ranging From Casual To Elegant

One of the best ways to transition a space can be as easy as switching up your curtains. Utilizing your sense of fabric, color, and pattern is the best way to ensure that your space will be ready for any theme or occasion. Here are five curtain styles that will inspire that change will do you good:

  • Casual Look- If you’re looking for some new inspiration in your space yet want to keep it on the more casual side of things, be sure to stick to some neutral and natural color palettes. This Dainty Home blended silk woven textured curtain comes in a variety of colors. Or you can even try this Versaille’s bamboo curtain when you want to use the natural elements to give the space a casual and clean look.
  • Elegant Dinner Party- Is it time to switch up your evenings? What is a better way than hosting a dinner party with some of your closest friends, family and neighbors. Let them handle the wine and appetizers, while you get your creative juices flowing. A great detail to add to space for optimal elegance will be using textural elements and fabrics. We love using metallics to put more elegance into the space such as this Commonwealth Home Fashion floral burnout pattern curtain or this Dainty Home sheer scroll design panel. It will be sure to update the dining space to ensure your guests feel upscale and fabulous. It may even turn into a conversation starter!
  • Spring Soiree- With the warmer months approaching and the mother earth approaching its full bloom, the backyard gatherings and potluck dinners are soon approaching. Bringing a cozy and elegant vibe to the space can easily be done with a curtain such as this Dolce Mela sheer curtain with a floral pattern. Although this sheer option can be used as an under panel for your curtains, we love the idea of using this embroidered, vertical vine print on this delicate fabric from Commonwealth Home Fashions if you are looking for something light and more minimal.
  • Romantic Goth- Paying homage to the classics, a great way to give the space a more romantic mood can easily be set with this burgundy curtain by Dainty Home. Whether you are having a romantic night in with your spouse or partner or simply expressing your more gothic side, this is a stylish way to use curtains that is traditional yet not outdated for that next home-cooked dinner for two.
  • Funky Artist- If you want to experiment with your most artistic side, but don’t want to invest in crazy amounts of money for new art for the walls, then switching up your curtain is a great way to let your artist shine. We encourage bold colors and geometric patterns such as this two-toned geometric pattern by Commonwealth Home Fashions. Now there’s no excuse to bust out that sketchbook, create that next vision board, or invite some friends over for your own sip and paint session