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These Spring Styles Are Officially In
See This Season's Latest Styles

Spring is all about the reemergence of warmth, and interior designers everywhere are predicting that this year spring will make its way indoors as well.

Mid-century modern, industrial chic, and streamlined black and white looks are on their way out, but in their place, we'll see the reemergence of coziness and color.

Like the season itself, these styles are experiencing new life, once again appreciated after a dormant slumber. As we bid farewell to the winter cold and last year's styles, we look forward to revitalizing our living spaces.

Embrace the spring with these blossoming trends in décor and bring your home back to life!

Let's get colorful!

Color is coming back in a big way in the wake of darker industrial looks and immaculate black and white interiors. Lively designs like the Kenneth James by Brewster Shangri La Mayumi Grasscloth will freshen up any room. Coziness and character will replace these streamlined designs once spring is sprung.

Jewel tones, in particular, are poised to be big, as are pastels in lounging areas. Even kitchens, formerly the domain of pristine whites, are welcoming in new colors that are fun and lively.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

But it's not the only color that's making its way into design; patterns are returning in a big way as well. Particularly tropical patterns, as well as florals; consider this Laura Ashley Cottonwood wallpaper, or the Summer Palace print. These patterns can also be accompanied by colors that pop and demand to be seen.

With the dawn of patterns also comes an opportunity to play with geometries. Consider the character of the room: is it laid back and fluid, or eccentric and fun? Use geometries in patterns and your colors to complement your furnishings and treatments to bring out these traits as desired.

New uses of old spaces

Nothing lasts forever, and traditional uses of certain spaces are changing to accommodate modern lifestyles. For example, formal dining rooms are giving way to office space or libraries, as apartment living becomes a game of maximizing space.

The same is true for those in houses, where open spaces are being valued over restricted areas. Flowing, combination kitchen/dining rooms are a hit, freeing up space that used to be used for one or the other.

Statement storage and furniture

While space is being maximized, it's also being stylized. Storage that makes a statement and accentuates the style of the interior is growing in popularity.

Function and form are not mutually exclusive; who said you have to sacrifice style in the name of practicality? Look out for storage units that add flair to your design, like this colorful Brody 3-Drawer Chest, rather than those that blend into the background.

The same goes for furniture. Rigidity and uniformity are a thing of the past; it's time to bring some character and curviness to your home. Consider options like the Sterling Industries Neville Chaise Lounge, with colors selected to match your larger design.

Have fun, be bold, and make a statement!

This season, take some risks and stand out. Designs and color schemes that had become conventional givens are melting away to allow for new experimentation with color and pattern, and a refreshing addition of new furnishings and storage spaces.

Interior design is about expression and harmony, so don't be afraid to emphasize a room's personality! Just as the spring represents the thaw of the winter, so too do these designs represent fluidity, revitalization, and freshness.