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6 Inspiring Ways to Experiment with Wallpaper for Your Bathroom
Ideas That Will Have You Redesigning Your Whole Bathroom!

Wallpaper is a home design trend that’s come a long way in the past few years. With new materials and a surge of artistry in patterning and design detail, there’s never been a better time to experiment with wallpaper to add a style accent to your home.

If you’re new to wallpapering, you may be feeling a bit nervous about experimenting with this medium. After all, if you re-do your whole living room, and then decide after just a few weeks or months that it’s not for you, it can add up to a major expense in time, money, and effort gone to waste.

My recommendation: start by wallpapering your bathroom!

Bathrooms are an ideal place to begin your experiment with wallpaper.  Typically, they’re one of the smaller rooms in a home, and there probably won’t be many existing furnishings or finishes that would compete with your new design.  You may start by just trying out one accent wall.  And if you do plunge ahead and paper the whole bathroom, it still should amount to less material, less time, and less money than you would have spent on another room.

If your home has the luxury of a guest bathroom, this is a great place to have fun with a new style – it doesn’t necessarily have to match with the rest of your home décor since its purpose is to please, intrigue, and otherwise serve your guests.  Even if you live in a tiny rented apartment, though your options are more limited, you can always play with removable wallpaper to personalize and spice up your space.

Here are 6 trending wallpaper styles, all perfect for a bathroom, that could transform an otherwise purely functional room into a design haven.  Do you dare try it out?

Shiplap Style

Shiplap design seems to be everywhere lately. Adding a sense of texture and rustic charm to both modern and traditional spaces, shiplap makes for a great accent wall. And with this designer wallpaper by Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Homes, you can experiment with the look of shiplap without the hassle and expense of actual paneling:

Or, try this blue-green distressed wood panel look that is perfect for wet spaces.

Bold Graphics

Striking graphic images can make a big statement and bring visual interest to a space. If you’re unsure about the effect, you can first try out this explosion of bold geometric print matched with more subtle coloring in a vinyl wallpaper that is both peelable and washable.

Fantasy Forestry

If you’ve ever imagined transforming a room into an enchanted space, imagine how this design of towering birch trees could magically bring the feel of the forest into your home. Evoking both depth and magnitude, the bold natural trees against the pearlescent background may leave you lost in a sense of wonder.

Tickled Pink

What could be more fun and whimsical than some pink flair! It’s a splash of bright color when you least expect it.  And it works especially well in bathrooms since it complements the popular metallic finishes often used for bathroom hardware, such as chrome, nickel, and brass. To avoid seeming childish, try pink in a statelier pattern, such as this vertical striped design that combines color with texture:

Subtle Elegance

Sometimes less is more. To add just a hint of refinement and sophistication, try this French toile-inspired damask design by Laura Ashley available in a pale hedgerow, pewter, or dove grey tones.

Asian Inspiration

Feng shui meets function with textured bamboo bathroom wallpaper. Asian-inspired bathroom design can produce a calming effect that is always classic and well suited for older and more traditional homes. This peelable, scrubbable solid sheet vinyl wallpaper brings botanical beauty to bathroom walls in warm shades of sage, taupe, and gold.