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5 Stylish Ways to Re-Purpose Mother's Day Vases
Creative Ways To Use Your Vases

There is no love in the world like a mother's love. In honor of Mother's Day, it's customary to give a beautiful bouquet to all the special mothers in your life to show them just how much they are appreciated.

To make your gift of flowers extra special, why not pair each bouquet with a stylish decorative vase? It's the perfect finishing detail that shows you've put in extra effort to make sure the flowers will complement the unique sense of style and home décor of all the mothers on your list. There are vases to match all design preferences, from traditional to modern, ornate to minimalist, alluring and artistic to earthy and rustic.

Best of all, once Mother's Day has passed, that special vase can be given a new purpose and continue to bring loving memories and a touch of style to the home. Here are 5 creative ways a Mother's Day vase can be re-used:

1. Design a fresh herb garden for the kitchen counter

If you have ever bought fresh herbs from a grocery store, you know they have a tendency to dry out or wilt in a refrigerator after just a few days. One tip recommended by top chefs to make your herbs stay fresher longer is to keep them on your kitchen counter in a container of water so they continue to hydrate.

A vase from Mother's Day can be the perfect container for a bouquet of several different fresh herbs - especially if the vase matches the kitchen décor. Keep the herbs close to where you do your food preparation so you can easily tear off some leaves and add them directly to your dish.

2. Elegantly organize and display bathroom essentials

Some toiletry items - such as cotton balls and swabs - are useful to have right at hand on your bathroom counter. It's often cost-effective to buy these items in bulk, but then how will you store them with style?

If your Mother's Day vase fits the décor of your bathroom, it can be the ideal elegant solution to keep the bathroom organized and stylish. This tip can be especially useful in a guest bathroom where you may want to keep necessities within easy reach and sight while still maintaining a clean, refined look.

3. Decorate a desk with a classy pen holder

Every desk needs a collection of pens, pencils, and markers that are easily accessible when you need to make a quick note of something.

If your Mother's Day vase is made of transparent glass, you will easily be able to see what's stored inside so you can grab just the right writing utensil when you need it.

4. Make this easy, radiant DIY lamp

Another creative way to re-purpose a glass vase is this simple-to-make, beautiful DIY lamp:

Just place a wire string of LED lights inside the vase so that it fills up the extent of the space inside. These string lights work perfectly because they're much thinner than standard lights. If the lights come with a flash setting, it can add a touch of sparkle to your evening ambiance.

5. Create pleasant aromas with homemade potpourri

This tip finds a new use not only for your Mother's Day vase but for the flowers that came inside too:

Let the flowers dry out by gathering the bouquet together and tying the stems with twine, letting them hang upside down in a dry place for a couple weeks. Then blend your dried flowers with an essential oil and any other spices, herbs, or trinkets you would like to include. One suggestion: dried flowers + lavender + lavender oil + cloves + some decorative stones.

Put the dry objects together with a few drops of oil in a container you can close and leave airtight for a couple weeks. Then it will be ready to display in your vase, bringing a soothing scent to your home. Try stirring the potpourri at least once a week to continually mix and refresh the aroma.

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