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4 Tips to Choose the Right End Tables for Your Living Room
Use These Tips When Searching For Your Living Room Tables!

An end table is often an afterthought.  Homeowners will spend hours picking the perfect sofa or the perfect lamp, but then forget all about the end tables that will complete the look for their living room.

But, because they serve as the base for your perfect lamp and the complement to your perfect sofa, end tables do play a vital, if supporting, role in your design.  That said, they can be difficult to get right.  End tables come in what can feel like an overwhelming array of shapes, sizes, and styles.  And because you typically need two, you want to be doubly certain you choose well.

To help you choose the perfect end tables for your living room, here are 4 tips to keep in mind

1. Choosing the Right Size

If you’re placing your end tables next to your sofa, you want their height and their depth to match the height and depth of your sofa’s arms as much as possible.   This not only makes for a balanced look, it also makes it easier to reach for the items you’ve placed on the tables when you’re sitting on the sofa.

If you can’t find a perfect size match, then it’s better to go slightly smaller than to go bigger.

When end tables are placed near chairs or other living room features like windows or built-ins, you have more options when it comes to sizing.  Still, you want to make sure your tables will be functional for what you will use them for.

2. Choosing the Right Shape

When it comes to shape, try mixing the shapes of the tables you have in your living room to create visual interest. This means, if you have a square or rectangular coffee table, consider choosing end tables that are oval or rounded.

Sometimes, the placement of the tables in the room will determine their shape.  For example, if one of your end tables is going in a corner, you’ll probably want to choose a table with a square shape.  If you end up with all your living room tables in the same shape, then try to go with different materials in order to achieve contrasting visuals.

3. Choosing the Right Materials

Just like choosing your table shapes, when choosing your table materials, you want to go for contrast.  So, if your coffee table is made of metal or stone, try choosing wooden end tables.

As long as the overall style of the room is consistent, you can choose completely different materials and the room will still seem unified.  Best of all, the contrast of materials (and/or shapes) will make each individual piece have a life of its own.

4. Choosing the Right Style

End tables today come in such a wide variety of styles, you should be able to find multiple options that meet your design preferences.

Don’t forget, just because you’re picking two end tables, they don’t necessarily have to match each other exactly.  Many homeowners create a unique appeal by choosing two different end tables that are related in size and visual weight.  Just make sure they both fit within an overall style of design.

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