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Planters to Complete the Delights of Spring
Spring Planters To Bright Up Your Spring

It’s finally time to say farewell to another season of icy temperatures and heavy, puffed-up coats – and embrace the return of Spring!

It starts with the buds that begin to grow into leaves that will cover the trees, with patches of green that suddenly appear and soon may produce bright tulips. But you don’t need a flourishing garden or even a humble vegetable plot to bring this season of growth into your life and home.

Planters make it possible to transform even the tiniest of cramped apartments into a fresh green oasis. And if, like me, you take a keen appreciation in the look and feel of your home decor, then finding the perfect planter for your perfect plant can be that finishing touch that makes all the difference.

Now, we all know that taking good care of home plants can pose a challenge: once vibrantly green ferns too easily get underwatered, while orchids often get watered too much. And figuring out that just-right spot where your plant gets the sunshine it needs can often be a process of trial and error.  Some of us are plant enthusiasts who know from the start exactly which species and varieties we want to grow, while others of us are neophytes who on a whim of inspiration suddenly find ourselves carrying home a  mysterious new treasure from the garden center.  Some of us may even start with the planter itself and then find the flowers to match.  Whichever path we take to decorate our homes with our own piece of the season, one surefire mark of design sensibility is the relation we craft between the space we have to fill, the plant, and the planter.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration to begin your own new container gardening design, or you’re simply looking to find the one planter that will complete the requirements of your space and your new plant’s needs, Going Décor offers many selections of planters, providing wide-ranging styles and products accompanied by quality service, competitive prices, and a seamless online shopping experience.

Here are just a few of the abundant varieties we offer:


Transform one of your walls into a vertical garden with this metal installation from VIP International featuring nine hanging buckets. Perfect for displaying a variety of colors and textures – or make a monochromatic statement by featuring just one kind of plant repeated nine times.


This luxury choice from Diamond Home by Elk provides a bold design element that stands out even in the largest of spaces. Made of fiberglass, it is both lightweight and durable, accenting the value of your stateliest plants.


Complement a coastal look by adding just a touch of green with this set of two small wooden planters from Pomeroy. Each planter contains three clear containers perfect for a few budding sprouts.


East meets West with this chic globular planter in gloss white. The contemporary minimalist design from Diamond Home by Elk accentuates the tranquility of growing bamboo for your home.