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3 Smart Design Ideas for Bookcases – Just in Time for Back-to School
Upgrade Your Bookcase Decor


It's back-to-school season, and families everywhere are looking for ways to get better organized and make their new routines easier. Bookcases can be a great addition to your interior décor this time of year.  Not only will bookcases help you and your family reduce mess and clutter, they can also add stylish visual appeal to your home.

If you’re looking to choose new bookcases for your home, here are 3 smart design ideas worthy of an ’A+’:


1. Combine bookcases with other furniture to create a new unit.

Many times, a bookcase is sold as an individual item.  However, if you combine two or more bookcases together, or match your bookcase with other furniture items, you can create a new unit that transforms both the look and function of your room.

For example, consider placing a desk between two matching bookcases.  If you can match or complement the materials and finishes of the desk with the bookcases, you can create the look of a built-in wall unit that serves as a design focal point of your room. 

This look is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. It creates a cohesive style that instantly adds organizational ease and a touch of class to your space. 




2. Pay attention to both storage and style.

Bookcases make an excellent addition to a room because they provide a storage solution to help keep your home better organized.  Done right, a bookcase can add not only functional storage by style to your space as well.

Consider bookcases with closed drawers to keep loose items tucked away and reduce the appearance of clutter in your room. A bookcase with open shelves provides space for you to showcase not only your book collection but other prized family possessions as well. Try mixing and matching the contents on your open shelves so that you display a plant, a piece or art, and/or a family heirloom.

Pro Design Tip: begin with the books you want to display and group them along a diagonal (for example, the upper right, middle, and lower left shelf areas). Then fill in the remaining areas of the bookcase with your decorative items.  If you can, choose your display items with a color palette in mind to achieve a professional interior decorator look.


3. Be creative.

When it comes to choosing a bookcase, think outside the box.

If you’re trying to maximize space in a small room, consider choosing a bookcase that can also function as a desk where you store and work on your laptop. Or choose a slim bookcase that will fit into a tight corner leaving plenty of space around it.

A bookcase can also often serve a different purpose than storing books or stationery, especially when used in an unexpected location.  For example, some “bookcases” make the ideal storage solution in bathrooms where they’re used to keep linen and toiletries.


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