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Trimming (6,970)
Fabricut (2,713)
JF Fabrics (85)
Silver State (106)
Stout (2,079)
Stroheim (671)
Trend (1,156)
Vervain (160)
Book Name
 A La Mode Trimmings
 Accents Anthology Trimmings
 Accents Anthology Trimmings Volume I
 Accents Anthology Trimmings Volume II
 Accents Anthology Trimmings Volume III
 Accents Bohemian Rhapsody
 Accents Indulgence
 Accents Linen Trimming Collection
 Accents Vintage Boho
 Adornment Collection Trimmings
 Athens Key Trimmings
 Attention To Detail Trim Collection
 Barry Dixon Collection
 Barry Dixon Trim Ring Set
 Bead Collection
 Bespoke Collection Trimmings
 Borders Braids & Tapes Trimmings
 Bountiful Trimmings
 Boutique Collection Trimmings
 Charles Faudree Passementerie Trimmings
 Charlotte Moss Trimmings
 Charlotte Moss Trimmings Gallery
 Charlotte Moss Trimmings Vol. Ii
 Comfortable Collection Trimmings
 Connoisseur Collection Trimmings (Trend)
 Cord Library Trimmings
 Cosmopolitan Collection Trimmings
 Dana Gibson Trim Ring Set
 Decorative Tapes By Wm
 Embroidered And Woven Tapes Trimmings
 Fabricut / Trend Tape Gallery Vol. II
 Fabricut No Sample Book Loaded
 Foundations in Trim
 French General Gallery
 French General Trimmings
 Indulgence Trimming Volume Ii
 Isabelle De Borchgrave Gallery
 Isabelle De Borchgrave Trimmings
 Jaclyn Smith Home Color Trimmings
 Jaclyn Smith Home Color Trimmings Vol Ii
 Jaclyn Smith Home Iii Trimmings
 Jeweled Obsession Collection
 Leading Edge Trimmings Ring Set
 Leading Edge Vol. II Leading Edge Vol. II Metallurgy
 Leading Edge Vol. II Leading Edge Vol. II Tactility
 Leading Edge Vol. III Leading Edge Vol. III Reflections
 Leading Edge Vol. III Leading Edge Vol. III Virtuoso
 Linen Trimmings Collection Vol. Ii
 Mineral Obsession Trimmings
 Mount Vernon Trimmings Vol. Ii
 Mt Vernon Vignettes (4 Books)
 Ori Linen Trimmings
 Ornamental Collection Trimmings
 Petite Decorative Trimmings
 Poetry Trim Collection
 Provence Decorative Trimmings 5005
 Resource Trimmings
 Rhythm Collection Trimmings
 Silk Passementerie Trimmings 5004
 Stroheim Showroom Only Product
 Terrazza Indoor / Outdoor Trimmings
 Trend No Sample Book Loaded
 Vern Yip Trimmings
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